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Learn the strategies I use to earn as much as $5,300 a month in affiliate sales after blogging less than 2 years! 


My story... 

When I first began blogging, I did not even know you could make money through blogging.  A few months into it, I learned that you could "monetize" your blog, so I started to look into it.  I quickly and easily learned all about sponsored posts and ads.  

Learning about affiliate marketing was much more difficult because I could not find a comprehensive, detailed resource that explained HOW affiliate marketing can be used by lifestyle bloggers.  

After a lot of trial and error and experiments, I figured it out on my own over the past year and now regularly earn at least $1,500 per month in affiliate sales.  I have earned as much as $5,300 per month and I want YOU to be able to do the same!

Please, let me share my secrets with you!  I can't hold them in any longer!

Hi!  I'm Tasha, the blogger behind
Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body.

Work smarter, not harder.

Sponsored posts and ad revenue are great ways for DIY, home decor and lifestyle bloggers to earn money by doing what they love, but affiliate marketing is the BEST way.  Why?  

You can spend hours and hours working on a sponsored post for a single flat rate.  Ad revenue is great, but it is limited by your page views.

Blog posts live forever.  If you continually promote them, the 10 minutes you spend adding affiliate links to your posts can generate perpetual affiliate sales.   I have earned over $2,300.00 in affiliate sales from writing ONE post on the baby monitor I use, and the sales are still rolling in month after month.

Which sounds like a better use of your time?


A taste of what you will learn in this book...


Learn how affiliate marketing works and why it benefits you, retailers AND your readers.  Plus, learn about proper disclosures and treatment of affiliate links.  


Learn how to identify and maximize your most popular blog content and ideas for posts that lend themselves to affiliate links naturally.  You will also learn how best to format your blog posts to maximize clicks on your affiliate links.


Learn how to effectively promote your best and most optimized content on Pinterest. Also, learn how to effectively promote affiliate links directly on Facebook, Instagram and via your email newsletter.


Learn what types of posts naturally lend themselves to the use of affiliate links and how best to use them on your blog. 


Learn about what other bloggers, including me, are earning through affiliate marketing.  More importantly, learn why affiliate marketing has much greater earning potential than ad revenue or sponsored posts.  

Are you ready to learn all my secrets?

What are you waiting for?  I share everything I have learned in this book.  And if your affiliate earnings do not increase after you have implemented all the strategies in this book, I will give you a 100% refund.  You have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain!

Why did I write this eBook?

You have options



  • 125 page PDF eBook



  • 125 page PDF eBook
  • Access to my private Facebook group for ongoing advice and guideance
  • Over 2 hours of video tutorials
  • 6 different spreadsheets and checklists to help you stay organized

Are you earning as much as you could be through affiliate sales?  

I bet you aren't!  I polled over 40 bloggers about their monthly affiliate earnings and was SHOCKED by how little most bloggers are earning through affiliate sales every month.  

There is no reason you cannot be earning more in affiliate sales.  With the strategies you learn in this book, you WILL increase your affiliate earnings.



You are losing out on affiliate sales right now.  STOP THE MADNESS.  
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Do I need to be on WordPress to benefit from this book?

My blog is a self-hosted WordPress blog, so all of the information I share in the book about plugins and formatting is based upon the WordPress platform.  So, you do not have to be on WordPress, but I highly recommend it (as discussed in detail in Section 1 of the book) and you will get the most out of this book if you are on WordPress.  

Is this book only for DIY and lifestyle bloggers?

Absolutely not!  Certainly the ideas and information I share are tailored to the DIY and lifestyle blog niche, but the strategies I share can be used in any niche--you will just have to put your thinking cap on to figure out how to use my methods in your niche.

What if I decide I want the videos AFTER I purchase the book?

No problem!  You can upgrade from the basic to advanced package any time for $20.  Just click HERE to upgrade.

How will I access the videos if I purchased the advanced package?

After you complete your purchase, you will be sent instructions on how to stream the video tutorials.  

What if I try everything you say and my affiliate earnings do not increase?

I am so confident that my strategies will work for you that if after you have tried all of my strategies at least once and your affiliate earnings do not increase, I will give you a 100% refund!

Do you have an affiliate program?

Of course!  I can't write a book about affiliate marketing for bloggers and NOT offer an affiliate program, right?!  I would love to have your help in promoting my eBook after you have read it, of course :)  The eBook contains information regarding the affiliate program.  Only verified purchasers will be accepted as affiliates.